Hotel Punta del Cantal Mojacar, Spain

Located on Mojacar Playa Almeria Spain

Low season Hotel room cost (€) Total cost in Select
ID Room details and occupancy Per person Total GBP () package/s
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1 low season standard room Standard room, breakfast included
2 people sharing
Euros 30.50 61.00 UK Pound
2 low season standard room Junior Suite, breakfast included
2 people sharing
Euros 36.50 73.00 UK Pound
3 low season standard room Junior Suite, breakfast included
3 people sharing
Euros 34.50 103.00 UK Pound
Low seasonMedium seasonHigh season
1st Jan to 4th Apr1st Jun to 13th July5th Apr to 8th Apr
9th Apr to 31st May1st Sept to 29th Sept14th July to 30th Aug
30th Sept to 22nd Dec23rd Dec to 31st Dec

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